Sunday, May 2, 2010

Set Goals

This week's blog is a bit late.  Here it is, short and sweet; this will have to do for next week as well.  I have to travel out of town for my current full time job and won't have the access to submit a full update...bear with me...I'll be back at in in a week.

Set and Attain Goals...

You will never “find” time for anything.  If you want time you must make it – Charles Bruxton.

Now that you have established a vision and you know what "success" looks like, break up the journey to get there into milestones.  These milestones become goals.

I love the song in Disney's "Cinderella", "A dream is a wish your heart makes."  A goal is a dream with a date attached to it.  Until you assign a date for completion on your goals, they are just dreams.  I also like, "...That star can only take you part of the way, you've got to help it along with some hard work of your own and then you can do anything you set your mind to.." That's from Disney's, "The Princess and the Frog."

As the quote says, you must make time to reach your vision through your goals.

Goals – Closing Thoughts…

1.    Set goals.
2.    Schedule activities.
3.    Constantly revise.

Have a great week everyone.  I will return in a week and talk about developing and following routines to make your writing dreams (vision, goals) come true.


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