Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Time I Close the Door on Reality, it Comes Through the Window

Every time I close the door on reality, it comes through the window ~ Jennifer Unlimited

Every time I've been successful with any goal, it's been about creating routines. At work, I accomplish tasks by following routines. I teach my staff to get their work done by routines as well.

I count quitting smoking and finishing my bachelor's degree as two of my lifetime achievements thus far. Both of those goals were achieved by creating routines and following them. (In the case of quitting smoking, it also meant breaking old routines.)

Publishing a novel is the next of my lifetime achievements. Everything I've read about accomplishing this goal says to follow three important routines: set aside time to write, read other novels to develop your craft, and start building a platform.

Reading is never a hard routine for me. If all else fails, unless I'm extremely exhausted or worn out, reading is the one routine I get accomplished.

Writing every day is a routine I've had to work at. I've tried to change up the time of day I write, I've tried to change up how much I write each day. I am continually adjusting that schedule and trying new things.

Aspiring writers have to be careful about building a platform using social media. If more time is spent on Twitter and Facebook and other sites rather than actually writing, that can actually be a detriment to a burgeoning writing career. I, too, was a slave to Twitter earlier this year. There were days I didn't get any writing done, but I guarantee that I got my daily "mentions" done.

The crazy thing about the routines is that only I can figure out what works for me, and only you can figure what might work for you. Just like my writing routines: only I can get them figured out and make progress. Lately, this includes multi-tasking. Because I didn't get up and get my writing accomplished this morning, and I am committed to getting some writing done today, I'm completing this blog while watching a movie.

Create your vision, set your goals, then develop and follow the routines needed to accomplish your goals. Make sure those routines are rooted in your reality so that you can follow them faithfully and accomplish your dreams.

Make it a great week everybody!


  1. Hey Dean, haven't connected for awhile. I guess we've both been off Twitter a bit lately. I went to a Write-a-Book-in-5-Days retreat in June and my social platform has fallen off quite a bit since then. I got my first draft done but lots to do now with the editing process, which I'm not keen on. My coach says to write every day, first thing in the morning, so I have set a goal to do that, minimum 15 minutes - between 500-800 words in 15 minutes. I think it's a challenge for all of us to stay consistent with those types of goals. Your post is bang on and I really liked the quote at the beginning. All the best as you continue the be-an-author-in-2011 journey.

  2. Thanks for the great comment and encouragement!