Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here's to Your Jeans Feeling Loose When You put Them On

Here's to your jeans feeling loose when you put them on ~ Jill Badonsky

It's definitely not jeans weather in the Midwest, but humor me for a moment. What does it feel like when you put on your jeans and they are just a little loose? Most of the time, it's a nice surprise. It's a nice surprise because maybe you've been working on a goal to lose a bit of weight. Maybe it's just a nice surprise because you changed just a few routines.

Whatever the reason, doesn't it feel great to experience just a little bit of success? I have to tell you, it feels wonderful. Just yesterday I was able to write a blog post and in A Place to Call Their Own. I was dead tired by the time we were done watching the movie and doing that writing, but I got it done. I slept great and had a wonderfully encouraging comment when I woke up the morning. What a successful day in my writing life!

And that energy is fueling my desire to reach my goals today. Yesterday I wrote about finding the routines rooted in your reality. The only thing I would change about yesterday and today is getting my goals accomplished earlier in the morning before going to work. Maybe I just need to listen to the cat in the morning when he starts whining, feed him and then feed my soul the day?

Be sure to celebrate and marinate in any little piece of success you can achieve towards your dreams. Remember what that feels like on the days when goals and routines feel like chores that have to be done. Remember that especially on the days when working towards your goals feels like the worst chores that have to be done.

Have a great week, everyone!

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