Saturday, April 18, 2015

Balance and Boundaries

If life give you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice ~ Conan O’Brien

How’ve you been? Me? Busy!!!

I just some extensive edits back on my next novel, Need Your Love, set in the 1960s. I tried on Monday and Tuesday to focus on working on those edits and exhausted myself. I had a church meeting on Wednesday and we were supposed to go grocery shopping on Thursday. Instead, we took the night off. And we did on Friday as well.

Although I want to get this manuscript reworked and out to Dreamspinner, I also have to balance that with life. My Not-So-Evil-Day-Job is still really busy. We didn’t go grocery shopping on
Thursday like we normally do because I hadn’t had a chance to do the list yet. Yes, achieving goals is important, but balancing that with everything is even more important sometimes.

Even today would be a great day to work on the editing process. It’s pouring here in Kansas City, but we are going to the check out the mall that is not too far from the house. We never got to it over the winter when it was cold, so we’ll do it today while it rains and we can’t hang out on our patio anyway.

Balance and boundaries, we’ve got to have them or we’ll kill ourselves trying to reach our goals.

What challenges do you have balancing your dream activity with everyday life?

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