Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Understand Life's Mysteries as Mysteries to be Lived

Understand life's mysteries as mysteries to be lived - Robert Zemeckis

What a wonderful quote from Robert Zemeckis. He's the award winning director, producer, and writer of such great films as Romancing the Stone, Forest Gump, Cast Away, and A Christmas Carol.

I think life's mysteries speaks to anyone on a journey into the unknown. In 2005, a co-worker mentioned to me that she wanted to write a novel someday. That brief sharing opened up a desire in me to pursues that goal as well. When I met Thomas in 2007, he encouraged and inspired me to get started. Here I am today, blogging regularly, probably 40% done with my first novel, and ideas for future projects in the works, some with as many as 2000 words done.

Another mystery that is exciting for me in the publishing industry is the traditional versus self publishing model, print versus electronic revolution. A very good friend asked me recently what I'm going to do, self publish or try to get a traditional publishing deal. I answered I didn't know. Part of me is up for the challenge to find an agent to represent me and then pursue a traditional publishing contract. I could also go the self published route and be more in control of promotion, which I'll have to do anyway with a traditional contract.

So whatever mystery you're living right now, no pun intended for my mystery reading and writing friends, I hope you're pursuing it with all your heart and soul. For the first time in a long time, I can honestly answer yes, both personally, and professionally,

What mystery are you figuring out right now?  I'd love your comments!


  1. I'm in the same boat as you on the publishing question. Although when I think of all the work involved in self-publishing, I think I would rather go the traditional route and let "them" do all the work!
    I think I'd rather concentrate more on the creative end...writing.
    Have a great week!

  2. Sharon, when I get closer to being finsihed, we'll have to talk some more...

  3. I'm trying to understand all the mysteries inherent in the memoir I'm writing (My Mother's Money), and how to write the book so that it both raises and unravels those mysteries.

    This post made me feel as if all of us writers are actually detectives, in a sense. Thanks!