Thursday, August 4, 2011

Without an Open Mind...

Without an open mind, you can never be a great success ~ Martha Stewart

As I've been on my journey writing my first novel having an open mind has been the most important assets on that journey. I always have the most success and learn the most when I have been open to receiving the lessons Intended for me to learn.

Just one of those lessons was to join Twitter. For two years, I resisted the "coaching" to join Twitter to build a group a platform. In just five months, I'm at nearly 2000 followers, and that feels great. I've increased my blog followers from 0 to 79 in that time as well.

Just this week I was asked to do a guest spot for a blog on Internet marketing, and that feels good. I don't confess to be an expert at this, nor are very many of my ideas, original, but I'm excited to share what I know and what I've done with others.

Reaching out and helping others is part of my vision of being an accomplished author; it's the sole purpose of my blogging efforts. This guest appearance will be another step in realizing that vision.

Whatever journey you're on, I hope you're reaching small milestones and I'd love to hear them in your comments!


  1. I find as the days go do the milestones & dreams.

  2. L. Dean, I agree with Eddie. I'm making progress. Sometimes it's big and other times it's a bit of a miss. A few times a year I reevaluate and make necessary changes. My latest was to post only once per week, promote the heck out of it and spend the rest of the week networking/visiting blogs.
    I spent the first year of being published simply working the internet and building relationships. The second year has been to reach people in person, doing author events in my area.
    I'm still learning. I hope you have found that it may very well be the relationships that we have built as being perhaps the more important thing out of this writing business. I know I have.
    Take care,