Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rainbow Snippets ~ Love is Proud

“You must be the favorite son.”
“I’m the oldest. It’s what we do in my family.” Jack pulled away to open the creamers. “I thought bartenders preferred weekend shifts? Wouldn’t you make better tips at night?”
“I probably would, but I need to be home in the evening hours to take care of my dad.”
“Ah, so you’re the favorite too.” Jack glanced at his mother. “Oh, no. Where did she get that?

Love is Proud is a charity anthology with proceeds going to benefit the victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting.

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Is it possible for two Civil War veterans to find their place in the world on the Kansas Prairie?

My first novel, A Place to Call Their Own is available from JMS Books !

Love is greater than hope or faith, but can Leander convince a jury that the love he shares with another man is natural?

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Can two men find love amidst the pervasive culture of  propriety, honor, and expectation of the 1960s?

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My contemporary short story, "Jackpot!" is available in the Love is Proud Anthology from JMS Books! All proceeds benefit the victims of the Orlando Pulse Shooting!


  1. Sweet scene. I love likable characters, and these two fit the bill! :-)

  2. oooh I wonder what she's got and why it's an issue

  3. I wonder what she has. As for the rest it's very sweet.

  4. This says a lot in such a short snippet. I wonder what she has that is such a problem.

  5. Nice character development in this snippet!