Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just quick note today...

I have to return to the JOB at 1 PM today to train some new team members, so most of the other time off will be spent sleeping.  Today’s blog post is really just a big Tweet or Facebook status update for my thoughts at the moment.

I am happy that it’s opening day for Major League Baseball.  Baseball was the only team sport I played as a kid, so it’s one of the only sports that I can watch; I understand it.  I’ll never forget  the 2007 season when the Colorado Rockies went all the way to World Series.  I was at Coors Field the nigh they won the National League Pennant.  Go Rockies and Go Kansas City Royals!

I am looking forward to getting some quality writing in this weekend.  I finally have my weekend staff at work stabilized so I shouldn’t have to go in.  I think I will work less than fifty hours this week, so I should have the energy to work on the novel.

My other exciting news to share is that I’m working on some upcoming guest blogs.  Be on the lookout for some guest blogs to be posted from new friends and old.

Have a great day!

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