Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reflections after Reading Small Change

I recently finished reading Small Change by Sheila Roberts.  This was a delightful read, especially as the economy continues to improve. The story follows Tiffany, Jessica, and Rachel as they navigate love and life learning how to cut back and save money. Of course, doing so is harder for some more than others.

Small Change is a great story that's easy to follow.  The characters are an interesting mix of friends.  I was hooked from the start wondering what would happen to the three characters in the midst of their economic woes.

What helped me with my own writing was the relationship that these three characters had with each other, both as a trio but also separately between each other.  This delicate balance strikes a chord with me because A Place to Call Their Own has two protagonists.  It's been a healthy challenge to balance the relationship between my two protagonists as well as their relationships with the other characters in the story.

After I read a new author, I actively seek them out on Facebook and Twitter and start following them and their adventures.  I love the fact that Sheila Roberts does giveaways and connects with her readers and followers.  I just never see them soon enough to "win."

Whether you're an aspiring writer like myself, or just like a good read, I'm sure you'll enjoy Small Change as much as I did.  You just might learn a few tips about tightening your belt in today's economy.

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