Monday, March 28, 2011

Living on Earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun. - Unknown

Whether you're a writer, business owner, lawyer, or doctor, I hope you are enjoying your annual trip around the sun.  No matter what you do, I hope you are doing what enjoy most and making the most of your experience.  Life is to short to not enjoy yourself and what you do. 

With my new energy I'm putting into my work, I've been reviewing my five principles.  For those of you who are new to following me, they are Create a Vision, Set Goals, Develop and Follow Routines, Define Boundaries, and Find a Friend.

Since October, my Vision has remained the same:  to become a traditionally published author during a time of extreme change and upheaval in the publishing world. 

My goals have changed.  I originally set a goal to finish A Place to Call Their Own by December.  Based on my current work schedule, I changed that goal to be done by the end of September this year.  The fourth quarter at work is very busy, if I don't have it finished by September, I might not be able to get to it by the end of this year. 

Another goal last year was to create a freelance writing career.  Just like anything else, this has been a process.  I am hooked up with a client that provides me fairly  and have made his "Elite" team of reliable and proven writers.

I continue to work on my routines.  The last few weeks with a new shift at work, I've been focusing on personal routines.  Now that I seem to be getting the personal routines down, I need to weave the writing routine back into my daily life.  I've always said with all five of my principles, constantly revise.

Setting boundaries is another principle I've been focusing on.  I have a new distraction in my already busy life, it's called Twitter.  Just tonight I tweeted during the #Oprahtweetlive event.  I got retweeted, I was so excited!  I have new routines thanking new followers, finding new writers, editors, publishers, and agents to follow, and shout outs to my new followers.  Again, I'm trying to develop some routines and set some boundaries around the time I spend on Twitter.

Finding new friends has been easy on Twitter!  I've blogged before I never understood all the valuable information being sent out on Twitter.  I now enjoy clicking all the links and reading all the articles.  I continue to enjoy the new friendships and support I'm receiving from my followers.  I also love shouting out to my fellow writers and helping them promote their work. (And don't worry, I'm getting my fix of celebrity and current entertainment tweets as well!)

What a whirlwind couple of weeks!  I'm back to writing every day again (oh, how I've missed you #dailywriting!), I'm adjusting to my new third shift schedule at work, and I'm slowly building a platform on Twitter.

Do you have a set of principles you live/work by? Your comments are welcome!


  1. Hey !! GREAT quote at the top o' the page !!!
    nice to read some thoughts & actions on writing that isn't all .... sappy & sentimental ? self-inflating & not relevant ? all of the above !! your focus seems sharpened & have tried being very disciplined myself recently & am adapting. principles ?? will have to think on that :) thanks for the words !!

  2. Thanks for the great comment, soozie!