Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reflections after Reading Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run is the first novel I've read by C.J. Box.  I thoroughly enjoyed the action, plot twists, and character growth that play out in the story.  Nowhere to Run is the story of Joe Pickett as he tries to close out his temporary game warden gig in Wyoming.  Caught up in one final investigation, which he narrowly escapes, his temp job lasts just a few weeks longer than he expects.

I've mentioned before that reading action and adventure novels helps me to build tension within my own writing.  Reading other novels works as a model that I follow when crafting plot twists and turns and keeping the story interesting.  A Place to Call Their Own is a historical adventure story of two men who venture out West after returning home from the Civil War.

I also like reading about stories that take place in locales with which I am familiar.  Living in Colorado for thirteen years, Wyoming is like the backyard.  It's easier for me to get into stories when I can relate to the setting.

There are other novels about Joe Pickett.  I might just have to check those out as well.

So, to my fellow writer friends, I ask, do you also find insight when reading other genre's outside of what you write?  And to my reader friends, I ask, do you like reading about locales with which you are familiar or do you like to read about places you've never been?  Feel free to comment below...

Have a great week, everyone!

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