Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Routines

Here is a picture of  late Spring flowers I took some years ago.  Earlier this week I wrote about my new adventures on Twitter.  The picture reminds me of some new Spring routines I've been able to get back to this week, thanks to Twitter.

The first routine that I’m happy to report is back is working on novel!  I mentioned yesterday that thanks to a newspaper article, I’ve found some inspiration and new direction for my novel to follow.  Yesterday I had to reluctantly stop writing when the timer went off because I did need to get some rest after already working a nine hour day.

The second new routine I have is making a blog entry everyday.  This has gone hand in hand with working on A Place to Call Their Own.  I should have listened to some of the advice I’ve read about that said to just write, even if it was a crazy free write for just fifteen minutes a day to keep that habit going.  Honestly, what worries me about blogging every day is running out of interesting topics to keep readers coming back.  I do have to admit, coming up with topics to blog about has been easy this week.  I even remembered to include a picture with today's post!  I just took a bit of encouragement and some new “friends.”

And my favorite new routine is thanking all my new followers on Twitter.  Showing thanks and gratitude for what I’m given has always been  an important principle to me.  I love being able to thank each and everyone of my new followers every day.  It’s been more exciting than watching the Friends list grow on Facebook!

One of the last routines I've started is reviewing all the great information being put out there.  I love all the new information I’m being exposed to with all my new writer friends I’ve found on Twitter.  I am finding myself setting a timer so that I don’t spend too much time getting lost in all the posts and moving on to things like sleeping, eating, and cleaning… :-)

I hope everyone is having a great week, I sure am.

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