Saturday, May 10, 2014

Trust your Intuition Day

Here’s to clear gut feelings that spare us emotions and saves us time ~ Jill Badonsky

If you’re like me, you know that being on your dream journey has just felt right in your gut. No matter what the odds are with “commercial success,” “accolades,” or anything else that goes with public status, it feels right that I am a writer and it’s what I’m meant to spend my “free time” doing (if you call getting up at 5 am to write everyday free time…LOL).

And the great thing about that for the most part is my husband’s support. Since I’ve returned from RainbowCon, my head has been into polishing the manuscript for The Higher Law. I work hard to balance writing, participating in the critique group so my writing improves, reading, promotion, household chores, and having fun! Our weekends have been filled visitors and birthday parties. So even then, I still haven’t felt like I’ve had the weekend to relax or catch up.

We had a couple of “escalated” conversations about my helping with chores. Although I do my best, I have to admit some dishes have sat undone and it’s taken me a few days to put away clean clothes. But I’m making progress on the manuscript and I’ve sold books. Like I’ve told my husband, my chore right now is to write and sell books. It’s a gut feeling telling me that’s where I need to spend my time.

The gut feeling helps me stick to my guns and keep going to fulfill this dream of mine. It helps me stand tall against things that take focus away from my ultimate goal, to write more books. (Of course, after those conversations, I took a few minutes to catch a few household chores).

What has your gut told you about your dream journey?


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