Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rainbow Snippets: A Place to Call Their Own

“Six miles beyond them, two bachelors were living in one house. They had taken two farms, and built the house on the line between them…they cooked and ate together in the middle of the house.”
— Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie

Frank Greerson figured his words would clear his parents’ dining room that morning, and they did. The family scattered like a nest of mice found by a fox in a field. His mother herded her grandchildren and their dishes into the kitchen. His sister-in-law cleared the adults’ dishes and escorted his sister out of the room.

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P.S. For all the Little House Fans, the picture is the original claim in De Smet, SD. These are the five cottonwood trees Pa planted for his five girls, taken in 2010.


  1. I don't recall ever thinking about that quote in quite that way before.

    Nice snippet, too.

    1. Went over my head as a third or fourth grader reading 2008 as an adult...makes perfect sense!

  2. That Wilder quote really puts it in perspective.

    Now I'm wondering what Frank said.

  3. That was my favorite series of books growing up. Like you said, that quote never struck me as anything "unusual" as a kid, but now, yes. I wonder if Wilder had a clue as to what alternate possible reasons there were for that setup when she wrote it?

    Anyway...fantastic idea for a story. I've bought the book, and now need to find time to read it! :-)

  4. Interesting! Wonder what the family will do next.

  5. Interesting snippet! It spawns so many questions!