Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine ~ Robert C. Gallagher

Did you realize that even if you didn’t choose to embark on a dream journey, inevitably your life would change?

Whether we want it to, or not, our lives and the world around us are constantly changing. Had I not quit smoking 19 years ago, who knows what my health would be like today. The world may have passed me over, had I not returned to school and finished my B.S. degree.

When I decided to write a novel, life was pretty good. I had been unemployed. The week I got the job offer, I found the characters and the story in my head that would become A Place to Call Their Own. My life has changed a lot since then, but how different life would be today without a hobby like writing to do every day? Without blog posts to write weekly? Without sales and reviews to promote? Now I write stories that (I hope) change other people’s lives.

If you’re wavering on starting a dream journey, remember your life with change. Hopefully your dream journey will help it change for the better.

How has your dream journey changed your life?


Is it possible for two Civil War veterans to find their place in the world on the Kansas Prairie?

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Can two men find love amidst the pervasive culture of  propriety, honor, and expectation of the 1960s?

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