Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Middle of Difficulty

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ~ Albert Einstein

So it's been another week of some disappointing rejection emails.  I know that it goes with the territory, but I wonder what kind of response I might get if I told everyone who I was querying that I would be publishing their responses on my blog or in a compilation of some sort?  No worries, I'm fine, I didn't even read the whole email because it was so unhelpful.

And then a Twitter follower suggest I read a book about self-publishing, and I'm hooked.  I've finally been pushed over the edge and I think I'm going to self-publish my first few books.  It will get my work out there quicker, I'll have more control, and make more money.  And like a fellow indie author told me not too long ago, the manuscript won't make me any money sitting in the slush pile.  I'd planned to do a bunch of my own marketing anyway, so why not reap a bigger commission per unit?

So even though I'm not devastated over the rejection email, just a bit let down, I've found a better path anyway.  The universe works in mysterious ways and on its own time. 

How has the universe worked mysteriously for you lately?


  1. I hope it works out for you-and will be interested to see, as it might be something I end up trying too. Still wishing for an agent, and currently have a mixed bag of rejections and partial/full requests. Query passes are rarely "helpful" but I have had rejections after requested submissions that actually led to worthwhile revisions. If Amanda Hocking and George R R Martin can do it, so can you!

  2. Thanks, Rhiann! I just got done reading "Be the Monkey" at the suggestion of a Twitter follower. The book talks about the trends in publishing and the financial impacts. I planned to do most of the marketing and promotion myself, so why not make a higher commission per unit? And you are right, with the contests and submissions have led to some great, useable feedback. Based on some feedback from a small press, I am reading some westerns for language and re-reading another book for style. It all helps! Thanks you for your support!