Thursday, June 20, 2013


Whatever your father rules may be, treasure them. Don't try to act as though they don't exist. You won't succeed--the psychology of fatherhood is too deeply rooted--and you'll be tossing out something you can use to illuminate, motivate, and inspire your right life ~ Martha Beck

When you create routines how do you do it?  I have to confess, even though I did it unconsciously, I follow some of the same rules my father did. My father is a very methodical perfectionist when it comes to performing most tasks. 

When it came time for me to create routines, I have to confess, a bit bewildered, I found my routines in much the same way.  For me, it was one of the moments when I felt like I was turning into one of my parents. 

What influence, conscious or unconscious, from your parents do you carry into your personal or professional life?

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