Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Best Self Makes Your Best Stuff

When you're settled and still, that's the best way to create because your best self makes your best stuff ~ Bobby McFerrin

I just made my rooming arrangements for Rainbow Con, for readers and writers of LGBT fiction. I was just telling my roommate that all I'm low-key and I just need a quiet place to read, write, and sleep. I plan on spending most of my time at the Con.

One thing I can't compromise on is the time of day that I do my writing. I have to write in the morning when I first wake up. That's when I am my best self for writing and that's the only time I can be productive. I have tried to do some in the morning and some in the evening after work, it's never as satisfying for me as getting up and getting it done.

Now I am taking a bit of a break this week because of the time change. I am sleeping in a bit and not worrying about my word count goals. I planned for the break this week in my over all time frame for finishing up The Higher Law.

What's one routine boundary you can't break yourself?


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