Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rainbow Snippets: Jackpot!

I've never written a short story, much less contemporary, but my publisher is doing an anthology called Love Is Proud to benefit the Orlando victims. Here is my (unedited) entry (not accepted yet, wish me luck).

The constant dinging of the slot machines gave Jack a headache. He reached in his pack for some Advil and swallowed two tablets with the last of the lukewarm coffee that sat on the table next to his phone and iPad.
“Another?” The bartender asked from behind the bar.
Jack glanced across the floor of the casino at his mother, Lydia.  “Yeah, looks we’re going to be here a while.”
“You sound thrilled.” The bartender grabbed the coffee and walked around the bar.

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  1. Great scene-setting, very clear images.

  2. Haha...not yet, but maybe the bartender will make it more thrilling. ;-)