Saturday, June 4, 2016

Romance Blog Part II

Six years ago, I embarked on my blogging journey. “If you want to be an author,” they said, “you have to blog every day and develop a platform.” So I started.

But what was I going to blog about on a daily basis? My life certainly isn’t that interesting that everyone wants to read a diarized version of activities each day.

I was new to writing and didn’t consider myself a romance writer at the time. I could have done historical based articles, but then the audience of the blog wouldn’t have matched the audience of my novels.

The one thing I did know about, the one topic I could share from my heart, was my journey to become a published author. I know about setting high goals, breaking it down into achievable chunks, and doing the work to back up the goal.

Along my own path to success (which by my definition was publication), I shared my set backs, my successes, the revision of my goals, boundaries, and Tomlin's. I even created another blog to share spotlight my writing friends work (creating that community).

But lately something hasn’t felt comfortable about the content I’ve been sharing. I dropped off the email list for a couple of blog tour sites. I’ve had my own setback of about six to seven months of not working on my blog or my own dream journey. My goal is to do both. Not only do I want to promote my own romance writing and other great authors, I also want to continue to inspire others in their dream journeys.

So the choice is clear, it’s time to split the two blogs!

This blog has been renamed dean frech ~ lgbtqia+ romance writer. My tag line remains the same, Not the history you were taught. I chose to change to the lgbtqia+ designation because, although I only have MM titles published and in the immediate queue right now, I have some ideas for FF and transgendered romance. Who knows what else my twisted brain will come up with along the way.
I am moving the motivational stuff to a new blog, called How I Did It: 5 Easy Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals and Realizing your Dreams. I will also be establishing a new Twitter account and Facebook page for folks to follow me in my journey and use the tools I do to achieve their own dreams and goals. Although not ready to go yet, you can see the blog here:

How I Did It: 5 Steps for Accomplishing Your Goals and Realizing Your Dreams

In addition to my own content and news on my own writing career, I will be joining forces with some blog tour companies to help promote my fellow authors in the LGBTQIA+ fiction arena. Currently I am hosting for IndigoMarketing. I also take direct requests for promo spot, just send me an email to

Note about review policy: I don’t reviews any more. As an author myself, I don’t want to muddle what could be a fun collaborative relationship with a review of book I didn’t like. Unfortunately,I don’t have the time to read all the books I want to, let alone try to get something done in time for a release or specific promo date. As the blog grows and expands, I may host a team of reviewers, but I won’t do the reviews myself. When I read a novel, I do so because I enjoy the author, as research for my own writing, etc.

Thank you for joining me today on a new leg of my blogging journey! I hope you return regularly for the latest from me, my Rainbow Snippets on Sundays, and the latest from the lgbtquia+ fiction world.

What do you like to see most from romance author blogs? I'd love to hear!

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