Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rainbow Snippets ~ Need Your Love

He [Garrett] returned Eron’s toothy grin.
 “What are you having?” Eron asked.
“Rum and Coke.”
“Bartender, he’ll have what I’m having. I need scotch and ginger ale with a twist of lime.
“Thanks but I don’t drink scotch. It’s too strong.”
The bartender looked at Eron who nodded. “I didn’t either until I had it with ginger. Believe me you’ll be hooked. Plus, when you go to your business meetings and order scotch, you’ll impress your clients more than with rum and Coke.”

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  1. I like the interaction. (I guess I won't be impressing anybody with my wine spritzer, then, eh?)

  2. My dad's drink whisky and ginger. My fizzy water won't impress either.

  3. Guess my non-alcoholic drinks won't impress anyone either. (I'd love to see Garrett say, "I want a rum and coke" and refuse to drink the other.)

  4. It's those closest to you, who influence what you'll drink. :)

  5. I'd love to see Garret's reaction to having his drink order changed.

  6. I would not be impressed if someone changed my drink order, even if it was to scotch and ginger, which I absolutely LOVE. Hmm Garrett sounds like just the sort of person I dislike. I might have to read to book to find reasons to be wrong :D