Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here's to The Amazing Tricks That Technology Allows Us To Do!

Technology helps me to keep my routines and maintain some balance between work, writing, and some personal relaxation time. I have loved my iPhone since I've had it and now my iPad 2 just makes life even easier (this is my first blog post done completely from the iPad).

My favorite writing app is My Writing Spot. I use this great app to organize and sync all my writing documents. There is web access or smartphone access. You can color code the documents that work together. For example, I have all my chapters for a Place to Call Their Own in one color, all my blog posts are another. Anytime I have a brainstorm for a new idea, I pound it out and then it's saved there for future reference, under it's unique color.

Everything is synced in one place and it's saved on the server, not on a hard drive that could crash or a even an external drive that could get damaged (which I almost did this last week!). Anytime I have a few minutes and my iPhone, I've been able to work away at my latest blog post, current chapter, or pound out the latest idea for the next project.

In addition to keep up with your writing goals, having Facebook and Twitter is awesome as well. As a writer trying to develop a platform, being able to tweet and post status updates is both fun and productive. How else would I have known that I hit 1000 Twitter followers around 4 AM this morning?

Here's a link to My Writing Spot:


What is your favorite technology/app/web site that keeps you productive or on your road to reaching your goal? I'd love your comments!