Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspired by Lori Frech

On Saturday, my sister-in-law, Lori Frech, ran her first 5K race.  The picture above is Lori right before she crossed the finish line.  I went to show my support in the early Spring morning.  I was so proud of her for setting this goal and achieving it. 

Lori announced a few months ago, via Facebook, that she would be running her first 5k race.  Each week she shared with us her achievements and her struggles in her quest to meet this goal.  Even this last week before the race she shared that the week had not gone as planned.  Yet, she persevered and Saturday she finished the race strong, barely needing to catch her breath at the end.  Way to go, Lori!

I want to reiterate Lori's success, because we can all learn from her journey.  First of all, she shared her goal with all of the important people in her life.  By sharing her goal and making it public, this helped her push forward and accomplish her goal.  Next, she shared her progress with all of us, both the good and the bad.  From weather issues, minor injuries, and just plain not wanting to workout, she shared it all with us.  Even with well meaning comments suggesting she take it easy, she persevered with her training and finished the race yesterday.

We can all learn from Lori.  Share your goals, share your progress, and never give up.  Congratulations, truly are an inspiration.

Do you have anyone in your life that inspires you to go after your goals?  Your comments are welcome.  Have a great week, everybody.


  1. Thanks for sharing this story! It is inspiring to read. My Auntie (my mom's cousin) friends who say "keep on dreaming, keep on writing and never give up on my writing." Happy Monday

  2. Thanks for the great comment, Annie!

  3. Congratulations to your sister-in-law! That is quite an accomplishment. Cheers to you for supporing and cheering on your sister-in-law! :)

  4. Thank you for the great comment, Zollies_Spot

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