Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Inspiration from Oprah

On Tuesday morning,  I watched the second part of the Oprah Presents Master Class, the second episode on Oprah herself.  Once again, I was left with some profound lessons.

The biggest lesson I walked away with is that the more we are different (those of us alive and kicking in the world today), the more we are the same.  I mentioned in my first blog post about Oprah that I would love to work for her.  After watching Sunday night’s episode of Master Class I understand why. 

Fundamentally, Oprah and I follow the same principles of success.  We just call them different things.  Oprah Winfrey and I couldn’t be more different than any other person I know!  I can’t even detail all the differences here, there are so many.  Take a look at the comparison of the Oprah's lessons she's shared on Master Class and the principles that I blog about:

Create a Vision:  Oprah's Lessons:  Know Yourself, You are worthy, We are Here for a Purpose, Don’t Pretend to be What You are Not, We are More Than we Appear to be, You Become What you Believe*

Set Goals:  Oprah's Lessons:  Grow to Greatness*, You are the Master of Your Fate, Surrender*

Develop and Follow Routines:  Oprah's Lessons:   Prepare for Opportunity, Grow to Greatness*

Define Boundaries:  Oprah's Lessons:  What to Teach, What to Learn; Stay True to Your Calling*

Find a Buddy:  Oprah's Lessons: You are not Alone*

(*These were the principles introduced in the Oprah Part II Episode of Master Class.  The others were introduced in the Oprah Part I episode and talked about in my “Inspired by Oprah” blog on April 3.)

If you look at this list, most of Oprah's lessons are concentrated on figuring out your personal vision, mission, and purpose in your life.  The other lessons help to support that big picture Vision.  I seem to write most about that first step in my process as well.  It's so important to understand what your special mission in life is and then follow through with that vision/mission.

You don't have to be a writer or up and coming journalist to follow these principles.  Whatever mission you're currently pursuing, these principles can be your "means" to achieve the "end" you're looking for in life.

Do you have a guiding set of principles that you've followed that have helped you achieve some dreams in your life?  Who has inspired you in your life journey?  I'd love your comments!


  1. thanks for this ... needed the reminding.

  2. Anytime, Soozie...if you can see that episode, it's awesome!