Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reflections After Reading The First Rule

The First Rule is a great thriller from crime writer Robert Crais. His recurring character, Joe Pike, works to figure out the real story behind the murder of an old mercenary comrade. The murder scene appears to be a burglary gone bad, but based on their past, Joe knows different and works tirelessly to figure it out.

The Sun Sentinel described this book as "A high octane thriller as well as insightful look at loyalty , friendship, and unconditional love."

This makes me think about the importance of finding writing friends and building a community for support. I thought I had a good handle on that, and then I got on Twitter. My world has been opened up to thousands of answering writers like myself, all supporting one another. I just found a new Twitter friend who told me that she was working on her first novel as well. How excited I was to meet her on Twitter!

No matter what journey you're on, it's important to find a friend to share your journey. After all, most great journeys include ore than one person. Two that immediately come to mind are The Wizard of Oz and as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Friends can help us along the way, provide support and encouragement, and keep us going.

How do your writer friends help you? I'd love to hear your comments!

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