Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time's Fun!

Time’s fun when you’re having flies ~ Kermit the Frog

I am gearing up to attend my very first conference as a writer! Rainbow Con 2014 is in Tampa, FL April 17 - 20.

I registered back in October, maybe early November, and April seemed a long ways away. At the time, Disappear With Me was going through the editing process in preparation for its release in December. I was getting my first Amazon and Barnes and Noble sales results from A Place to Call Their Own.

I can’t believe I’m only two weeks away from going! I’ve met so many of the authors going through Facebook and Twitter. I have a “flight buddy” leaving the same time as I from the Kansas City airport. I have roommate lines up to defray hotel costs (Thomas was going to go, but he can’t get the time off because of the time he needed in January). Arrangements have been made at work.

I have three goals for the conference. The first one is to reach more m/m readers. I can always use more readers. My second goal is to connect with other m/m writers. I have an extensive network of author friends and I can’t wait to meet them and pick their brains. My final goal is to attend some of the writer’s sessions to improve my own writing. And for those of you who follow my blog, I will be getting up plenty early to get my writing and blogging done before most the days’ activities begin.

If you’re a writer, what do you like about conventions?

If you’re a reader, do you like to attend literary conventions and why?

I can’t wait to hear all your answers.


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