Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Life Worth Living

Solitude is for me a fount of healing which makes my life worth living ~ C.G. Jung

I think most of us are winding down our holiday celebrations.  A few might have some New Year's plans, but not this author.  The older I get, the more I hate being out on New Year's Eve.  We even almost had some plans this year, but hopefully the forecast snow will keep us in.

No matter what your holiday schedule, I hope you were able to find some alone time as well.  If you're pursuing a dream goal, I hope you were able to achieve your goals for the month.  If you're working in sales or any other business, I hope your December was as successful as you wished.

And I hope you had some alone time so you could think about next year's goals.  It's during times of solitude that I am able to reflect on my success in the past and develop a set of goals for the next year.  Even though my partner and I have been on this vacation from work together, I still make sure I get some alone time each day to ponder my goals for 2013.

Do you make sure you get alone time each day?

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