Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art is the Only Way

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home ~ Twyla Tharp

Have ever got lost in a good book?  A favorite movie? These are both forms of art and it is so easy to get lost while enjoying them.

Have you ever been so busy at work that you got lost in your day and before you knew it, it was time to go home?  I mean in a really good way, where you enjoy what you're doing and the day goes by quick.  That can also be art, the way that you complete your day to day tasks.  And that's the art it takes to accomplish dream goals sometimes.

Prior to February of this year, some of the tasks I work each day to grow my writing career seemed to be so ordinary that sometimes they bored me.  I mean, in addition to WWRR, there is Twitter, blogging, and research to do.  But all of that is changed.

And I can't tell you exactly what's changed.  I do know I have a new work schedule which means I'm getting all those activities done at different times during the day.  I also figured out a blogging schedule that works for me, so that has eliminated all stress that this chore used to cause. 

I guess after four years of constantly revising my routines and boundaries, I've hit a stride that is super productive for me and helping me get further along in four months than I have in four years.  The balance seems to be art form in and of itself.

So let yourself get lost in the art of making your dreams come true.  You wont' regret it.

Here's to a great week and a super 3Q 2012!

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