Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Guilt

Here's to the occasional bliss of doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it ~ Jill Badonsky

There are days when I stress out about making my weekly word count goal.  There are weeks when I look at my schedule and think, how can I possible get all that done without stressing myself out??

And then I run across this quote and think to myself - RELAX!!  I have written consistently since the week of February 24.  I have maintained my regular blog posts and my social networking contacts have grown...If I wanted to take some time off, it would be just fine for me to do so.

But only I can make that determination in my own dream journey.  And only I can tell myself it's ok to take a day off and then convince myself not to feel guilty about it!

So look at your progress in your dream journey, are you able to do nothing one day and not feel guilty about it?  I'd love to hear!

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