Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Quicksand I Walk On

I worship the quicksand he walks in ~ Art Buchwald

This line is also in the movie Steel Magnolias.  It reminds me that as much as I work to develop routines and habits that help me reach my goals, it can all crumble very easily if you don't keep up on it.

What I've learned recently, is that that routines that are good for us, working out, working on our goals, are sometimes so hard to get into.  Now once I've gotten into them, they've been very easy to maintain.  But, once I've fallen out of those routines, it can be very hard to get back to them as well.

Keep at the routines you've established to help you achieve your goals.  If you fall out of them, figure out why you fell out and then make the adjustments necessary to get back to them.  Once you're reached your goals, and ultimately your vision, you'll be glad you did.

What have you done to rescue your routines from the quicksand lately?


  1. Hi Dean!

    I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award!
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    Sharon :)