Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Simple Moments of Delight

Here's to ceremonies that exalt simple moments of delight ~ Jill Badonsky

I usually think of a ceremony as a special event, most of the time something big.  But something as simple as regular afternoon tea can be seen as a ceremony.  Even accomplishing a daily goal that you’ve set can be ceremonious, even if it does start happening every day.

That’s what has been happening for me on a daily basis.  I’ve been reveling in my morning ceremony of getting up, working out, and getting my writing accomplished and out of the way for the day.  During the week I had off, I was able to re-charge, do some serious brainstorming and now my novel is moving along at a breathtaking pace.  I was excited to tell a writer friend over the week that my novel has grown by about 5000 words in just the last week.  Here’s to another week of that kind of progress.

And now that I can see the end in sight, I have another ceremony on my mind:  my publication launch party.  If you’re a new writer on the same journey, are you planning yours yet?  And if you’ve already published your work, what about your next publication?  Have you planned that launch party?

Part of what is fueling my progress right now is my ability to visualize myself at my launch party.  I’ve planned the hors d’eurves we’re going to serve, the people that will be there, and how Facebook and Twitter will be used to interact with family, friends, and fans unable to make the launch party in Kansas City. 

What is vision of your success do you see for yourself in your dream journey?  I’d love to hear what it is!

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