Saturday, March 10, 2012

There Are No Rules

The only rule is that there are no rules ~ Del Close

The Internet has opened more avenues for entrepreneurs than ever before.  The Internet allows anyone to create a very professional looking “storefront” out of which to operate.  And once the Internet started, the rules of doing business changed.  Then social media changed the way we do business again. 

Just using my example of writing a novel, there are millions of people offering help with writing, from very specific help to general creativity coaching.  After you get your work written, there are, again, many options to get it published hardcopy, e-version, traditional, indie, etc.  And then there are more sites that will help you market and sell copies.

My thoughts today are that to reach your dreams and goals you’ve got to be willing to break the rules and understand there are no rules.  Make your dream important enough that you are willing to break all the traditional rules to succeed.  If you do that, you are nearly guaranteed to succeed at achieving your dream goal.

What rules are you breaking to reach your dream goal?

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