Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dust of Everday Life

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze ~ Amanda Cross

There are many types of romances, but the one I want you to think about is your dream journey?  Do you have a romance with your dream journey?  If you do, I can almost guarantee that creating boundaries like making sure that household chores get done so you can work towards your dream goals turns that dust of everyday life into a golden haze.

Last week was my fifth week at my new job on my new schedule.  I experienced some exhaustion, but when I realized it was because I’ve been able to devote more time to my creative pursuits, I was actually energized.  Prior to this schedule I’m working, I was lucky to write 15 minutes a day.  Now I take whatever time it takes me to write 800-900 words per day so I can achieve 5000 words per week.  And those of you on a writing journey with me know that can take a lot out of you.

So now I actually have to set a boundary that I don’t surpass the 900 word goal in the mornings.  If I do, I seem to be tired to the point I can’t concentrate at work later in the afternoon and early evening.  And by limiting my creativity, telling myself I can’t work on something, actually seems to get creative juices flowing when I allow myself to work.  Funny how that works? 

How has working on your dream journey made your life more enjoyable?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. That's a good question. I struggle with time issues also. I have a thirty-seven hour a week j.o.b. that I'm lucky enough to do from home: technician for a Telecommunications company; and they have set me up to help clients via e-mail.

    However, I like my mornings to write. By evening, I get too tired. Around five AM are when the big ideas start to flow. Trouble with this is that my job also begins in the morning. So most morning it's a race to get half a chapter in before I begin work. Some mornings, I get carried away, and unlike you, I can't keep inspiration for later. The wonderful subplot that will shake the reading world to its core will definitely vanish if I don't put it to paper—oh, not completely, but enough that the story will have lost its zing.

    So, when I see the hour of eight AM rounding the clock in my office, I summon my pea-sized, adrenalin charged noggin and swiftly write down, in abbreviated form, all the twists and turns I can sum up. (To my credit, I’m a fast typist.)

    As you have most likely wished ten times a week: If only I could write full time... I have done the same, the boundaries being set for me.