Thursday, May 10, 2012

Never Wear Anything that Panics the Cat!

Never wear anything that panics the cat ~ PJ O'Rourke

If you have cats, you know they are creatures of habit.  My cats seem to follow the same schedule each day, lying about in their certain spots at certain times of the day.  The only thing that changes is the time I wake up to feed them in the morning or when I rearrange the furniture on them.

When you grow and change while achieving your dream journey, sometimes the people closest to you can get panicked because of the change.  That’s a normal part of life, you’re changing and they are not and most people don’t like change.  But remember, that change is a part of growth and you must grow, in most cases, to achieve your dreams and goals.

So instead of not wearing anything that panics the cat, I actually challenge you to wear something that will panic the cat, figuratively speaking, and step out of everybody’s comfort zone.  What have you done lately to panic the cats in your life?

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