Saturday, May 5, 2012

Here's to the Feeling of First Learning to Ride a Bike

Here's to the feeling of first learning to ride a bike ~ Jill Badonsky

Do you remember how excited you were when you first rode your bike on your own?  The feeling of freedom and accomplishment that you were just a little bit independent than you had been before?

As adults, those "learning to ride a bike moments" are translated into firsts when it comes to our jobs, goals, and dreams.  I remember in direct sales the excitement I got each time I recruited a new team member.

When it comes to my writing, I've had some firsts that have developed into some nice continuing routines.  Starting in February, I've been consistency writing 5000 words per week.  This allowed me finished A Place to Call Their Own and now I'm 26,000 words into my next novel, Disappear With Me

Now 5000 words per week is my new minimum and I do whatever it takes to reach that goal.  Even this week, my work schedule will be adjusted later in the week, so I've made some adjustments to my writing schedule.

What firsts have you experienced recently that you have made into regular routines? 

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