Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Strenuous Workout

Here's to the feeling right after a strenuous workout - Jill Badonsky

Event though my new work schedule is 1 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday, I can't help but to be excited because I'm working out six days a week.  I get up, mess around on the Internet for a while to wake up, do my workout, and then write until I meet my writing goal for the day.  I have never felt better and my writing has never been better.

I even think about what I'm going to be writing while I work out.  When I ride my exercise bike, I usually read and think about what I'll be writing.  I definitely think about what I'll be writing when I do a weightlifting workout.  It just helps the exercising get done quicker. 

Sometimes in the past, I know that physical activity has helped spur my creative brain.  And the I know the opposite is true as well; when I don't workout, sometimes the words just don't flow out of my brain and hands.

Stephen Covey recommends, in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, that one should take one hour a day for themselves to Sharpen the Saw.  This has to do with your physical, mental, and spiritual self.  It was after reading this book so many years ago that I started getting into my workout routines. 

So if you seem stuck in your dream journey or haven't started yet, you might start with with a goal of adding some exercise to your routine.  You should find some inspiration in feeling physically better afterwards.

If you already have a fitness routine, I'd love to hear how it fits in with your dream goal/journey?  Or maybe getting more fit is your dream journey.  No matter which it is, I'd love to hear!

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