Sunday, September 16, 2012

Conceive Your World in Your Mind

You conceive your world in your mind then create it with your hands ~ Chris Widener

I have posted before about creating your end vision in your mind.  Have you done it?  No really, have you actually sat down and written out what your life will look like when your dream is accomplished?

If your dream is artistic in nature, have you written a paragraph or two about what it feels like to be famous?  to be asked for autographs, mauled by the paparazzi, what your Facebook and Twitter accounts look like?  Have you written any acceptance speeches for the awards you'll receive?

If you are going to school, can you see yourself walking across the stage and getting your diploma?  After you land your dream job, what does your life look like during the week versus the weekends? 

If your dream is financial in nature, what does your life look now with a different (hopefully much higher) income?  What will your day to day life look like?  Will that change on the weekends? 

I don't what if this has made a difference with my writing journey, but after doing this exercise, I see everything in my future more clearly now than I ever have.  I think about weekends at festivals and craft fairs selling my books.  I think about traveling all over the country and doing book signings.  And each day it helps me to do the things I need to do to make those dreams a reality.

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