Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whatever I Believed

Whatever I believed, I did; and whatever I did, I did with my whole heart and mind as far as possible to do so ~ Jean Toomer

I'm doing it with my whole heart, that's how I know that writing is meant to be my passion and vocation.  I've shared before that at one point, I thought that a sales career was to be my dream journey.  But there were times, as I look back now, that my heart wasn't always in it.  During the warm weather, during the holidays, I wanted to be enjoying those times myself and not building a business.

And that's how I know that writing is the passion to pursue now.  During the hot summer months, I enjoyed the hot mornings as I typed away on my second novel and worked on editing the first.  Even now, I've plunged full force into re-writing the first novel, I find it hard to stop in the mornings when I have to put it down.  I have to have some downtime in the mornings and not wear myself out before going to work each day!!

If you're not pursuing your dream journey with all your heart and soul, figure out why not.  Maybe you're on the wrong dream journey?  Maybe you are on the right journey, you just haven't hit your stride yet.  This is the most important time to keep moving forward.  Over that last few months it was the mornings when I didn't want to write that I forced myself to go on and can now brag about getting my goals accomplished. 

Are you chasing your dream with all your heart?

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