Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Most Fortunate People

The most fortunate people on earth are those who have found a calling that's bigger than they are - that moves them and fills their lives with constant passion, aliveness, and growth ~ Richard Leider

Whenever I look at some of my current, inspirational heroes, I think that this quote sure does define them.  Oprah is building a cable network.  I have friends in direct sales who are achieving their dreams.  My brother just recently landed his dream job as an air medic.

Even when things seem bad to me, these folks are usually the ones I turn to to life my spirits.  All I have to do is watch the latest episode of Oprah's Lifeclass to find an inspirational story to get going again.  After watching an episode about Jim Carey, I wrote myself some milestone checks and carry the first one in my wallet.  The other three are in the nightstand at home.

And although I'm not making my income from writing, I have been living my dream since April.  I get up and have all morning to complete my workout, get my writing done, and still have time to relax, and get to go to a job I love every day.  I'm not wealthy by any means, but pretty much writing on the schedule I dream about.  And this is genuinely one of the happiest times in my life; it's filled with passion, aliveness, and growth.

If you're on a dream journey, do you feel the same?  I'd love to hear!

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