Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dream Out Loud

You have to speak your dream out loud ~ Kelly Corrigan

I speak my dreams out loud a couple of different ways.  I think the first way is obvious.  I tell anyone who asks, and some who don't, about my dream to become a published writer.  I also tell about our house that we're going to build some day and the story that goes behind that.  I have a seven pinboards on Pinterest dedicated to our dream cottage house.

And there's another method I use to dream out loud.  I dream out loud to myself and tell myself every day that I will be a published author.  Whenever I run across an opportunity to dream out loud in my head to myself, I do.  For example, we hate our current kitchen.  It's small, cramped, and cut off from the rest of our living space.  Because it's closed off, our downstairs gets very little natural daylight.  So whenever our tiny cramped kitchen gets to me, I just close my eyes and dream of our open kitchen with lots of natural light, plenty of space, and open access to the dining area and living room.

These two routines accomplish two things for me.  First of all, when I tell people my goals, it means I will accomplish them.  And I will have an "update" for anyone who asks me later on who things are going.  The other reason is so that the law of attraction can do it's job in the universe and bring me the goals the I'm seeking.

So don't be afraid to speak your dreams out loud.

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