Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Ecstatic Experience

The soul should always stand ajar.  Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience ~ Emily Dickinson

On Tuesday I wrote about living in the present moment and today's quote also helps to embody that.  The universe must be telling me something!

Again, sometimes I get so caught up in goals and plans and dreams that I forget about the beauty of everyday moments.  When you're working on a dream journey and things start to happen, it's so easy for me to get caught up in everything.

I remember a time last summer when I was getting bored with my routines.  Mondays came and I went to my full-time job exhausted.  I mustered through my daily word count goal as best as I could.  But one morning I took a break from writing and went down to my patio to read.  It was during that reading time that I noticed that my plants were starting to bloom.  It was in that moment that the joy of what I was trying to accomplish came to me and gave the energy to complete the day's word count and soldier on.

I'm glad I did that.  I finished my second manuscript just two months later and now nine months later I am publishing my first novel with Musa Publishing, A Place to Call Their Own.  I took that break against my normal routine, normally the edict is sit and write until those words are on the page.   If I had not taken that break, those early blossoms might not have inspired me to continue and relaxed me enough to figure out why things seemed so bleak at the moment.

What ecstatic experience have you had on your dream journey?

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