Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your Mind Will Answer Most of the Questions

You mind will answer most of the questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer ~ William S. Burroughs

Have you ever been so stressed out you didn't know where to turn?  Have ever nearly reached the pinnacle in your dream journey only to be disillusioned by what you had accomplished thus far?

I have to be honest with you, I was there back in November.  After working for four years on my baby manuscript, my hopes and dreams were being dashed by agents who "couldn't get behind my characters" and publishers who thought that the work "wouldn't sell."

I did hear from two small publishers, both who enthusiastically wanted to talk to me about the work.  I never heard from either again.

Then a Twitter friend suggested a book about the self-publishing industry.  I decided to pay an editor to look at my manuscript and go the self-pub route and do everything myself.  I knew I didn't have the budget to get all that done in November and December, so I decided to take time off from Thanksgiving and New Year's. 

And during that time I decided to focus on my second manuscript in the New Year. I knew it was a better story and had a better chance of being published.  I had been fighting that internal struggle over the order in which the manuscripts should be published.  During my "time off" it became clear and I was able to relax about the two manuscripts. 

Do you ever find that break helps you figure things out?

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