Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Goals We Seek

The goals we seek, and the good we hope for, comes not as some final reward but as the hidden companion to our quest ~ Madeleine Albright

Have you reached a milestone on your goal journey and then sat there and asked yourself, "Now what?"  If you're in sales, you know the answer is to go out and make it happen again.  If you're a writer or any other creative field, you also know the answer is get started on the next project.

Although most dream journeys start out as lofty goals, most turn into journeys of the soul.  Believe me, I will never forget the afternoon that I read the email from Musa Publishing telling me they wanted to publish my book.  But I have become such a better person along the way.

I've become more disciplined in my daily life to balance writing/editing/creating with a full time job and finding time to relax from both of those activities.

This balance and discipline is spilling over into my work life as well, and that's a good thing.

I'm living a healthier lifestyle because my schedule and discipline demand that I work out six days a week.

And, thankfully, my writing seems to be be getting better as well.

What residual growth have you achieved while working on your dream goals? 

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