Thursday, April 26, 2012

Discover You and Trust IT

You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it ~ Barbara Streisand

I recently watched  “Stan Time,” an episode  of American Dad! where Stan takes pills to stay up all night.  By taking the pills, he’s able to feel rested without sleeping.  He uses the time to indulge in his own activities that he’s not able to during the day, like playing a video game.  Francine eventually catches him and wants the pills as well.  They agree to use the time separately rather than spend it together.  Stan becomes the video champ he wants to be and gets invited to a tournament.  Francine uses her time to get an advanced degree and then discovers a rare giant squid. 

My initial analysis of the episode was the difference between what Stan chooses to do with his time and what Francine chooses to do with her time.   Even though Francine achievements seem to be a bit more noble that Stan’s (at least in my mind), Stan does find a goal and works very hard to achieve.

I think that’s what Barbara Streisand is telling us in the quote.  You have to discover what you do and trust it.  Stan discovers he’s good at the video game, trusts it and gets the invitation to the tournament.  I think we all need to be working towards “the tournament” whatever that means in our own personal dream journeys.  For me, that’s the journey on the road to publication.  For some of my friends, the road is a road to direct sales success. 

Do you trust IT, whatever IT is for you?

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