Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breath of Life

Here's to the nose and the breath of life it gives us when it's not stuffed up ~ Jill Badonsky

In the Midwest, we've had a very mild winter.  As a result, the bugs are out early and allergy season is already in full swing, at least a month ahead.

But also as a result, the early spring flowers bloomed at least two weeks ahead of schedule.  My cilantro and spinach is doing great and I have yellow squash and cucumbers coming up.  I even planted my tomato plant outside about a month earlier than normal.  I'll just have to keep a close eye on the overnight temperatures.

I've also switched the clothes in my closet:  I took out most of the cold weather clothes and replaced them with the my warm weather clothes, definitely about six weeks in advance.

To me, the exciting thing about the warm spring weather this year is being able to enjoy some of my favorite warm weather activities and rituals, just a bit earlier in the year.  I remember recent springs when we were still getting rain and snow well into April.

Another thing that the warm weather reminds me is my dream to be able to have the flexibility to enjoy the warm weather, work on the next novel on the patio, edit the next novel in the park. 

What are you doing different with this unseasonably warm spring weather?

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