Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are You Really Sure a Floor Can't Also be a Ceiling?

Are you really sure a floor can't also be a ceiling ~ MC Escher

The cool thing about setting out on a dream journey is that you can do it however you want.  The really cool thing about being an author is that I get to allow characters to say, see, or do things most people don't get to in real life.

I recently read a couple of books on the art of fiction writing by Donald Maass.  I think the biggest lesson I've learned from both of them is making ordinary people do extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances.  That's why I chose today's quote as my topic for this post.

Not only is doing the extraordinary part of my continuing writer's education this week, but also the same lesson we can use for those of you following me on your own personal dream journeys.  Sometimes we have to look at things differently to make sure we reach those dreams and goals.  When I was finishing my degree, I had to take more than the suggested number of classes just to get finished.  It was tough, but I made it through.  And when I quit smoking, I didn't use the nicotine patch for the entire recommended time.

If turning floors into ceilings means making your dream come true, allow it, and you'll be happier in the long run. 

What have you done differently lately in pursuit of your dreams?  I'd love to hear!

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