Saturday, June 9, 2012

Send Light into the Darkness

Nothing right can be accomplished in art without enthusiasm.  To send light into the darkness of men's hearts, such is the duty of the artist ~ Robert Schumann

I was once again surprised by America's Got Talent on Tuesday night.  I think one of the reason's I love the show so much is because of the inspiration it provides me. 

Once again, a humble artist took the stage and surprised not only the judges and the local audience, but now the world after seeing him perform.  Nineteen-year-old Andrew De Leon walked out on the stage in Austin, TX and sang for the first time ever in front of an audience, and he sang opera.  Now that takes guts! 

I am only surmising here, but I think what propels this young artist to take such risks is that he knows he is shedding on his art and craft.  Once again, new viewers to the show will get introduced to the opera songs that he brings to the show.  I'm sure he will make it through to the live shows.

I hope you are enthusiastically pursuing your dream goal as we start the summer, just like the contestants on America's Got Talent.  And I hope your dream goal helps send light into the hearts of the people that you touch.

Here is a clip of the Andrew's performance on America's Got Talent from Tuesday night.

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