Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alive Together

Maybe what we stay to each other is not so important after all, but just that we are alive together, and present for each other as best as we can be ~ Anne Lamont

No matter what your dream journey, it's always helped me to belong to a community of others.  Social media and the Internet makes that easier than ever.

I also have to share that recently joining a critique group has been wonderful as well.  We meet once a week and review each others work.  The camaraderie and interaction has been an experience I have yet to feel though social media connections.

When I was in direct sales, we met at least once a month as a big group to come together, celebrate, and learn about upcoming promotions and how to build our business.  Although we had contact through email and phone calls throughout the month, the in-person contact was invaluable.

When do you have in-person contact with your community?

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