Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How Good Can You Become

How well you perform when you start trying something difficult is not a good indicator of how good you can become ~ Mark Kelly

One year ago today I started one of the best jobs I've had in my life.  Not only do I work with great people, but I have the chance every day to work on my writing. 

When I started my new schedule last year, I jumped into my writing routine right away.  I had just started my second novel, Disappear With Me.  I had finished A Place to Call Their Own and was on a "writing high" writing 5000 words per week.  To understand the perspective, I don't think I wrote 5000 words in all of 2011.

I'm glad I stuck it out.  Along the way I learned more about conflict and tension in fiction and the value of an outline.  With those two tools, I conquered my second manuscript in only four months. 

What is a task in your dream journey that you have gotten better at? 

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