Thursday, April 4, 2013

Luck is Not Magic

Luck is not a magical ability or a gift from the gods.  Instead, it is a way of thinking and behaving ~ Richard Wiseman, PhD

As long as I've been in direct marketing/party planning, I've always been coached to "act as if."  Plan team meetings as if you were the level you want to be.  If you want to be at that top level, recruit the number of new consultants each month, as if you were already there.  Work as if you were already at the top level you're shooting for.

That same advice can be applied to any dream journey: conduct your daily business, as if you have already achieved your goal. I can't believe the difference it has made in some of my achievements in the past thirteen years or so.  Even today, whenever I have a day off during the week and nothing planned, I try to spend the day as if I'm a full time novelist, writing and reading the day away. 

What can you start doing today as if you had already reached your dream journey or even the next goal in your dream journey?

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